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  1. Hi how do i change color or the menu header and menu also the footer. Currently they are black but I would like the menu to be lighter color and footer to gray. thank you
  2. How can I remove the Design by at the bottom of the website? Thank you
  3. I have figured out how why logo wasn't changing... The landing page has different template so I just need to change the logo in both templates. Now can we just redesign the template nav bar to what my image looks like
  4. I've been using Logo Type under Theme in templates manager but the logo is not changing. how can I change the logo and add favicon? and can the logo be bit taller than the menu and in that space to add Log in menu link right above the menu. see the image for an example
  5. Hi, I found the code for the text that flies out on the front page slide show but where can I find how this stuff is automated and what all comands do. Can it come out from the left and display on the the right side of the screen?
  6. How do I add title at the top of the page where the gallery is displayed? for example if the gallery is called Pictures than when you click on the menu "Pictures" I want to see title "Pictures" at the top of images? Thank you