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  1. The problem is not module positions but to hide modules in ipad, cell phone etc. I have to disable your BT floating banner module, because it makes my web site unreadable in ipad or cell phone. So both products are yours and there is no way to hide a module based on layout?
  2. Hi I have turned off both JS and CSS compression from template settings. Thanks
  3. Hi, I want to hide some of the compenents when web page is accessed by tablet or phone. My web page is designed for desktop view. If accessed by ipad or phone, I need to disable some modules so that view is proper. In some other templates, there is predefined suffixes like no-phone, no-tablet, only desktop etc. When you put those suffixes to modules suffix, Module does not display. I also saw people create similiar sufixes using custom.css. How can I do that in BT_ARISE Unfortunetly there is no suffix list in users manual. What I saw was : /* Responsive Utility Classes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ .hidden-desktop { display: none; } /* Only Phones */ @media (max-width: 767px) { .hidden-desktop { display: block; } .hidden-phone { display: none; } } /* Only Tablets (Portrait) */ @media (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px) { .hidden-desktop { display: block; } .hidden-tablet { display: none; } }
  4. oops www.smartsailing.org
  5. hello www.smartsaling.org and I am using tcvn banner slider on both banner and bt floater. The difference is of course one sliding and the other does not. Thanks
  6. I would like to hide modules for tablets and phones. How can I do that? Are there special suffixes like desktop-only or no*handheld etc. Also is there a list of all sufixes in BT-arise Thanks
  7. Like it was mentioned in other questions, modules does not work inside the floating banner. I have tried 2 different banner slider modules but no sliding. Do you have any suggestions about banner sliders which works with BT floating banner. Matter of fact any animation module compatible to work with floating banner. I need to sow multiple banners Thanks