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  1. Hi, thanks for your fix. But the "Primary Image Width" function doesn't work. I choose 300 x 180 for the Primary Image Width but i still get 120 x 100 image.
  2. Hello and sorry for the delay!! I want to thanks Jan and tronghm for the support. But i have problem with this fix. I make the changes but its not working and images have poor quality. Tronghm i will sent you connections to check it in a demo site.
  3. Thanks for your answer. But why you tell me to ask jan for your fix to Jan server?? I don't understand... I thought is free support forum here.. You fix it for Jan but only for Jan... ??
  4. Hi. I want to ask why you don't share this very good solution. You can share the fixed files so we can solve the problem.
  5. Hello. I want to change the style of blocknews content slider style. I just need the "list items" that are on the bottom to go on the right of the main item(see image attachment). How can i make this happen? Thanks.
  6. Hi ,can you share it?
  7. Hi and sorry for the delay. I really need to use blocknews module but without the ability to "clone" when i select more than one categories. I need to use different blocknews modules side by side. I sent you PM
  8. Only the half of the content-mass-top position is used, for all modules
  9. Hi. I try your solution and the result is this on my attachment:
  10. Hello. Any news about fix? Thank you.
  11. Hello. On template BT-magazine how can i use 2 different content slider modules (with custom theme blocknews) on position contentt-mass-top side by side? When i add the second content slider module it goes under the first, but i need it next to the first one. In your demo you use one module with 2 categories, i want the same view but with 2 different content slider modules side by side. Can i make this happen?? Thank you.
  12. I'm using joomla content. Maybe if we can use the "sorting by published date" in combination with "article hits" we could have a good result. The recent "published date" articles could be sorting by "hits"? Can we use that?
  13. Content slider can sort articles by Hits but this is not very useful if you have news site because if some very old articles has to much hits content slider will always show them. It would be very useful if we can have shorting articles by hits of the last week or the last month. Is it possible? Thank you.