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  1. That's fine, thanks anyway. I actually only need to render the price and I achieved that, so it's all good.
  2. Hi there, Thanks for the reply ! The K2 plugin I'm trying to set is K2store. I believe K2+K2store are a perfect combination and if BT content slider could render K2store, that would be great. I've taken a different path as for now. I'm already rendering K2store price per item because it's quite easy to get that info. It's included in the field "plugins" in each k2 item. Still, that's not the same as rendering the whole plugin. This is the code to get the price. Mind you I've changed classes/k2.php inside the module structure and added a new item variable called mparams, which is then rendered in the view: $item->mparams = ""; $array = json_decode($item->plugins, true); foreach($array as $key => $value) { $keys[$key] = $value; } $mparams = ""; $mparams = $keys['k2storeitem_price']; $keys['k2storeitem_price'] = ""; if ($mparams != "") { $item->mparams = '<div class="price2"><strong><sup>€</sup>'.$mparams.'</strong></div>'; } Thanks again and call me back if you need anything. I'll be watching this thread. - Marco
  3. Hi there, First of all, let me thank bowthemes team for yet another great module ! I'm using BT Content Slider to display K2 content. Everything works flawlessly but I do have one issue to resolve and that is rendering K2 plugins. BT Content Slider renders content plugins but in this case I need to render the K2store plugin which is a K2 plugin and not a content plugin. I'm somewhat comfortable codding in php but perhaps you guys know this much better than me. I've been trying to debug the module k2.php file and I see where it loads the content plugins but I'm lacking the proper code to load K2 plugins. I think the code might look something like this: <?php echo $this->item->event->K2AfterDisplay; ?> but I'm not sure. Can you guys point me in the right direction please ? I'll be trying to solve this problem myself and post back if I can find a solution. Meanwhile, I can use all the help I can get. Thanks in advance !