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  1. So that is absolutely useless if you are not using Easyblog. Ok :) In that case Joomla Page > Joomla Categories shud work. I doesn't, Tam.. Please see this. How to solve the problem?
  2. Sorry, Tam, this is history now. I uninstalled and reinstalled my BT Magaine theme. But I still have problems If you have time please visit and see how this is distorted. In every new installation I face the same problem.
  3. Tron it is here.Please see this
  4. I had posted the details elsewhere, Let me check.
  5. Hello, Dave, just curiosity: How did you get the Categories below the showcase?
  6. I changed Social Media to New One at Admin components > K2 > Categories. The change is reflected both on the default column and the slideshow, but not in the side menu. Screenshot attached:
  7. @ Tam "It will still work if you change the style in the file: custom.css". Yes, it will :) But there is one catch: LESS is used instead of CSS, when Development Mode is ENABLED,
  8. After my 6th installation, I thought things were going well, but after updating Joomla to 3.3.6, one path leads to a collapse. Joomla Page > Joomla Catergories > Social Media. Screenshot below.
  9. It is not compatible with 3.3.6. Page distortion occurs at Joomla Page > Joomla Categories > Social Media. I am posting the details elsewhere.
  10. I got the TEXT logo work after the 5th installation only :)
  11. BT doesn't even answer Pre-sales questions.
  12. No use of getting this info after the discount is withdrawn. So,please ....
  13. When I try to Edit the theme, the following error messages are displayed. JFolder: :folder: Path is not a folder. Path: /home/maythils/public_html/journal/less/themes JFolder: :files: Path is not a folder. Path: /home/maythils/public_html/journal/tpls Actually I deserted my former site because of this error. But a new installation, done hust a while ago, repeat the messages. I also note that only the default theme is available where you choose themes (dark blue, red, etc). What must have gone wrong?
  14. As for your question about fixed menu bar, you may find this link useful:
  15. Mark, I want to share a few words with you in response to your second question. If your purpose is just avoiding duplication, the better alternative is to leave MAIN intact and make your logo an unclickable visual. That said, MAIN is not like the other menu items. Possibly you are aware of it. MAIN does much more than following an URL. The complete information about how your articles should appear is there. This is why Joomla won't allow you to remove it just like that. However, there are some roundabouts. One: Change the name from MAIN to something else and then, under 'Details', change Menu Item Type to something else (like categories). That means you are using Main for some other purpose. You have to find one :) Two: You can move MAIN from main menu to some other menu that you don't use (like hidden menu for instance). In both cases, I am not sure about how secure are they. You may be taking chances. Depriving Logo of its link status is the safest option.