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  1. hello, is it possible to make top background a slideshow? Thx
  2. and also how to change or erase the: LET'S TALK BUSINESS TELL US ABOUT YOUR IDEAS OR JUST SAY HELLO.
  3. wondering on the same problem i put the google map on custom html and i give a size because when i put it auto, it wont show up. but wehn i open it mobile, it wont show up http://samorepastry.com/ the google map is on the bottom
  4. ok thank you its solved. can this thread be deleted?
  5. hello, i use bt business quick launcher for joomla 2.5 and when i use the get video with a video url i copy paste from youtube, it just keeps searching and wont load. any idea?
  6. i cant seem to get http://xcalate.com/ logo on the right size on the custom css for desktop, tablet and handphone layout. could you please help me with the css code? thx