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  1. Hi Tam Pham, when pressing a miniature - the squeezed image only in Opera
  2. Thanks, the BT Background SlideShow module works normally.
  3. Thanks, mod Background SlideShow established. In quick start in the Resize images settings - wrapper element, at me at such control the picture doesn't change. I can provide access to the test to the site.
  4. Hi Tam Pham! Very much I wait for the answer
  5. The site joomla 3 with the v 1.1 template How to change settings is so displayed to stretch the image I can't understand.
  6. I need joomla 3 with the v1.1 template
  7. Hi Tam Pham! I established a template 1.1 on the local server in it the BT Background SlideShow Default Theme module incorrectly displays images (doesn't stretch on all screen). BT Content Showcase doesn't display the image. Make please quickstart of BT Onepage with the updated template, it very much will help. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Tam Pham! I delivered to BT OnePage j2.5 works normally, but the validator gave out me 615 mistakes and 437 remarks. Your archive downloaded, thanks. And on j2.5 there is no updating of a template?
  9. I bought your BT Onepage template. After installation on a hosting, through a nekotor time ceases to work the BT Content Showcase module. Akkordion in the first section doesn't reveal, and the portfolio in the mode is by default built vertically in the right part of the site. I reinstalled a template, but everything repeated again. PS. The translation online, I hope my question it will be clear...
  10. Hello, your help is necessary. A problem in the following. When I establish the old price, at a conclusion of the list of goods of category between the old and new price too big space down. At a conclusion of the last goods a space normal. I won't understand in any way where it is possible to correct it.
  11. Hi, thank you that answered. I already coped with a problem itself. I restored a database - everything earned. It is very happy with your template, Good luck! :)
  12. At the appeal to the BT Shopping template in the administrative panel there is a white screen. On the site too the white screen. At change of a template with another everything works. The help is necessary.