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  1. Hi Tam Pham, mmmm... As you can see the configuration in spanish is in one column and in english in 2 cols. The 1 col, means that http://pinvestmentsrealestate.com/es misconfigure the slogans below and in the 2 cols formts it does not .... If you clear both, it appear only in 1 col.... Why occurs it when the number of fiels are the same in spanish and in english??
  2. sent admin details, thanks
  3. when i duplicated the filter to translate to another language.... the result is the photo attached: as you can see everything is in only one column and misconfigured could you help me please???How can i solve it and have the same appearance than original?? thanks!!!
  4. Hi again, My problem now is that when i duplicate the filter and i set it into another language, the filter appear in 2 columns and it does not fit like in demo does. Could you help me please??
  5. Hi all, How must i configure the BT Portfolio component in a multilanguage site?? must i duplicate all categories, extrafields etc?? thank you in advance
  6. Hi all, I am trying to set up the BT Portfolio Filter on all pages but it seems that it is not possible and it only appear in the home page. Please, could you help me?? thanks in advance