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  1. Hello everybody, i hope somebody will answer, the activity here (especially) the creators are quite bad. In my opinion there is a bug for the thumbnails (intro pictures) the resize option will not resize it cut the pictures. how can i solve/ change this ?
  2. i guess you will not receive any answer here, unfortunetley they are a lot of open topics without any reaction , its a pitty because in a lot also your request im also interested
  3. is somebody here ? a bit strange to offer this forum and support option but in a lot of topics no response at all
  4. Hello, unfortunetely the bt conten slider shows the articles not in responsive. is there a way to display it responsive ?
  5. Hello, i add this nice Modul at my FrontPage, there is also a Image slider and another moudl above. when i now click on read mor button the article will load at the FrontPage, it seems like this. and Looks not nice because i see again the Image slider the other modul and also under the article again the bt slider. how can i Change this ? i would like that he open a new Sub site. is it possible?
  6. hello, a similar problem on my site. i can see the module, and the marker but i didnt see the map ... please help at the bottom of the frontpage