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  1. Hi Miguel, These guys have gone off the map. Did you ever get this issue fixed? Try to contact me directly on facebook or linked in..
  2. Hi, Same here, can you please reactivate my developer plan ASAP? Thank you!
  3. Almost a year and no updates. Anyone ever get this fixed?
  4. Anyone get this Solved?
  5. I want to add that this only happens on mobile and with facebook only. Works fine on Linked IN and others. On tablets and desktop facebook works fine. Any clues as to what happens with smaller screens? Maybe a redirect to another auth method?
  6. Ive never had this issue until recently. Any updates?
  7. Good news, just fixed it. The culprit is here: httpdocs/components/com_bt_socialconnect/controllers/socialconnect.php Remove these references: publish_stream,offline_access and you are golden. Marcos
  8. Hi Trong, This is the same issue I am having. I tried removing all the above references and the issues persist. Anyone manage to solve this?