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  1. Hi, Do you have a delay ? Problem occured again. [EDIT 01/06/2015] Recently problem with editing in Jevents came from Jevents itself. So Jevents V3.2.15 solved it.
  2. Will you integrate solution in next version of BT LOGIN ? If yes, could you come back here to announce it ? Thanks
  3. I could send you by PM these three modified files to look inside what is modified ? (I don't see the possibility to write by PM on this forum). It's not my work but it could be intersting for you to see how this guy succeded to solve this problem. It works with 2.6.0 version of BT Login
  4. Hi, You can find any explanations here I solved my problem with three modified files but you should take care of that in futur versions of BT Login /www/modules/mod_bt_login/tmpl/js default.js jquery.simplemodal.js /www/modules/mod_bt_login/tmpl/css style2.0.css
  5. I updated BT Login from 2.6.0 to 2.6.2 but in front, i get two problems : - Back color is not set properly - Whend I clic on "connect" nothing appends like if module was off So as BT Login did not work anymore, I went back to V2.6.0 and it works well again.
  6. BT Login v2.6.0 I recently had a problem to edit events in jevents composant. I write to jevents forum since weeks and developper found today that the problem was coming from BT login module. In bt login you use your own modal script in such of the one from Joomla. So conflicts append sometime with other composants. I should like to keep BT Login in my two web sites but if conflct goes on, I 'll will have to uninstall it.
  7. Sorry for this topic, I have just seen that it is a community Builder problem
  8. First of all, many thanks for this very useful module I have just a small graphic problem using it with Community Builder ingrated component. See file attached