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  1. Hi, I am having a serious challenge with my logo. I have changed the logo from the default one by renaming the default one and uploading the new one. Similarly, i cleared the Joomla cache and browser cache; yet the old logo is what keeps appearing on the site. I have repeated the steps over and over all to no avail. Please help. www.vella.com.ng
  2. Hi, I am experiencing some strange issues with the template. 1. I cannot automatically update my extensions. I usually get the prompt that there are 3 extension updates (see image 1) then when i click on update, i get the error message invalid extension update. 2. I attempted opening the Jshopping (perhaps to edit the tab name) on the main menu but i keep getting the error message (see image3) 3. I used the quick installer package and followed the instruction to get everything setup like the demo. It worked like magic, however when i clicked on the softaculous in my cpanel, the installation for my domain (vella.com.ng) was not listed. My question is why. And how do i uninstall this installation should i need to uninstall it or how do i back this up. It was so easy using the softaculous but now this is not listed here. Thanks