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  1. Hello I've noticed that many posts here are unanswered for months. Some of those are mine as well. They also don't reply on tickets. So in case of any problem(s) you are on your own. Which is shame because BT has some nice stuff. Regards
  2. Hello Please, can we get answer on this? Joomla 3.6.5 BT Login 2.6.1 Regards
  3. Hi I would like to know solution for this issue as well. Btw. Why not post solutions here on forums and save users time? Thanks, Regards
  4. Hi So support is dead for on bowthemes? Regards
  5. Hello After many years of using various sliders, both free and commercial ones, I'm always getting back to slideshow pro. Unfortunately, it still lacks few small but important features, even after years of suggestions: 1. Option to randomize photos 2. Option to add ONE image from Joomla folder 3. Option to auto hide navigation buttons when not hovering over slider with mouse 4. Option to flick / swipe to change photos Explanations: 1. No need to explain. Asked many times by many users. I know how to tweak code to achieve it but I do not want to do it every time when module upgrades or when I install it again. Also you promised that Random option would be here in new version. :) 2. Atm we can add only ALL images from selected folder. Or to upload it by using uploader. Ability to add only one image from folder is also important. Why? Because sliders often changes - sometimes we want only few images from folder and sometimes few another ones. For this scenario ability to add image by Uploader doesn't count. So it would be great if we could browse already uploaded images in folder and select only needed ones. Btw I see that issue with duplicates is finally fixed, thank you for that :) 3. Self explanatory. Sometimes it looks nicer if buttons are hidden, especially on mobile devices. 4. This is related to 3. Mobile usability is a must so ability to swipe is also a must What do you say? Slideshow pro 2.2.1 Joomla 3.6.5
  6. Hi I just discovered that my website suddenly experiences the same issue. Tried all offered solutions and nothing helped. Could this be related to system plugin order? Approx 1 month ago I had a lot of problems with all my Joomlas with 3.6.0 and 3.6.1 upgrades where Falang was installed, because Joomla changed internal redirects in one upgrade and sessions behavior in another upgrade, so Falang language switcher stopped working until I reordered some plugins. Many Joomla users also reported inability to login in both backend and frontend.So it could be caused by either because of plugin ordering or with changes in recent Joomla upgrades. Joomla 3.6.2, BT Login 2.6.4, PHP 5.6 When BT Login module is enabled, after Login attempt this error is shown in module popup: Another plugin has redirected the page on login, Please check your plugins system And error file is generated in Joomla root: PHP Warning: session_regenerate_id(): Cannot regenerate session id - headers already sent in /home/xxxxx/public_html/libraries/joomla/session/handler/native.php on line 150 Default Joomla login module works OK, so untill sorted out, I'm disabling BT login module Regards
  7. Hello One year after, and this module still have reported issue. Problem: Image Source: Joomla Folder There is NO way to add single image. Module ALWAYS loads ALL (by using Get Images button) images from specified folder. Makes huge pain in the ass to maintain images if frequently changing em. There should be another button to manually add only one (or more if selected) image. Also when editing module, displayed images should show its names, at least on mouse hover. Will you ever fix this? Thanks Regards
  8. Hello I just installed latest version on another website, and guess what? No random! How come that this simple feature, requested by many, takes so much time to implement? I can add it by myself, but I'm spending my time for that, and possible module upgrade will overwrite my changes. Please, add this in your next version. Thanks Regards
  9. Hello I had same issue. BT login module on my website was set to display in Maximenu CK menu module. After I disabled Cache in Maximenu CK module, problem was solved. So this error is cache related. I also have JotCache installed there - an advanced caching component for Joomla. In that component, I excluded from caching position name where Maximenu CK module is set. HTH Regards
  10. Hello I have same dream like Edel. :) Question: Is it impossible because of some kind of restrictions on Vimeo? Thanks, Regards
  11. Hi I did as suggested and now I'm getting this error: "Loading Failed - No images availabe Loading images..." It won't load any images. Cleared browser and Joomla cache I'm using "Images Soucre" - "Joomla Folder" option. (Btw. you have typo Soucre = Source) 2.1.8 BT Slideshow Pro Joomla 3.3.6
  12. Hello Yes I'm referring to that. For example, if I add two more images in same folder I cannot add only that 2 news images. "Get Images" button always adds all images from that directory as New, so I get ton of duplicates which I need to get rid off every time when I want to add new image(s) into module. This module should have button to add one image at time, or to have script modified so that it doesn't add images which are already added. As suggested I've sent mail to address you specified. Thanks Regards
  13. Hello Sorry for late reply I haven't received any notification about reply in this thread and I completely forgot about that. Problem is if module is used to take images from specified folder. There isn't way to manually add new images in same folder, it always takes all images from folder. Regards
  14. I have same issue like Jenny McWilliam. Slide show is OK if we dont plan to add more photos, but if photos are updated frequently, then with every update previous photos are deleted, and manually added description and URL's are also gone, so we need to re-add em again which is painfull and not productive. Please add option to add only selected (new) photos, not just whole folder. Untill this option isn't added, we will avoid BT slideshow pro, because it takes a lot of our time to maintain it. Regards
  15. Hi I also came here for option to shuffle/randomize photos. I followed the instructions and my module now shuffles images as i wanted. So, consider this post as another plus to suggestions for adding this option by default in this module. :) Thanks Regards