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  1. I did install another FB module but then did more tests on the Bowthemes module and found the URL had changed, either by the client or another developer also working on the site. I have since published the Bowthemes module again but set the module class suffix to display only on ipad portrait resolution while the other module now appears in ipad landscape, desktops and then as a tab button on the right of the mobile resolution. Not your fault at it all that it went down. Sorry for the false alarm.
  2. After I upgraded my website to Joomla 3.4.1 the BT Facebook Like module no longer displays. It should be on the right side of the website under the BT Twitter feed Is the BT Facebook Like module not compatible with Joomla 3.4.1 ? Any suggestions? Thanks, Neil
  3. Ok - thanks! That has fixed it! Thanks for your help!!
  4. I downloaded and installed latest version of BT Social Share on and Bt Social Share still does not display at bottom of articles on an iPad. Any other suggestions? Thanks Neil
  5. I can get BT Social Share plugin to work fine on my computer browser but when I try to view those pages on my ipad or iphone the comment box is missing. What can I do to get it to display on ipad? Take a look at two Joomla 3.3 sites I am building: and Any advice or suggestions? I am hosting with SiteGround so I don't suspect the server can be the cause. Thanks Neil