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  1. Ok thanks for the reply.
  2. Hi Tronghm, May be you are correct because for sometime i used user's email id as username. So you got to login automatic. I request you to please check again with a given url. You will find same problem. Thanks.
  3. Hi Tronghm, Do you get my email?
  4. Hi, I sent you an email.
  5. Can you send your mailid? I will mail you site details?
  6. Hi again, I have just done some debugging. And i found that username is missing from facebook response. So it generates error in registration process. In demo site of yours, username is coming. How do you get username from facebook? Thanks.
  7. Hello, I have configured facebook login in backend. Also set registration flow 'automatic'. But when i tried to do login with facebook in front end, it takes me to login page instead of doing auto login. Can you please help me to solve this problem? Thanks.
  8. We have upgraded to Joomla 3.3 version but it is still not working. I have reported this 3 days ago on your mail id( but haven't heared from your side yet. Let me know. its urgent.
  9. I have sent you FTP details on Let us know. Thanks
  10. Hi tronghm If possible would you please let us know which timezone are you working in and what are your working hours. So we can set our schedule accordingly to close this thread. thanks
  11. i have send admin details to thank you.
  12. thanks for reply can i have your personal mail id ? thanks again
  13. i need help, i cant login with twitter account. when i click on twitter button, it shows blank page. when i hover to twitter button it shows , after click it shows