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  1. Hi BT Portfolio supporter, I am writing a model for another extension, I have portfolio ID and now I want to get title and more details of Portfolio. How can I do that? Thank you in advance
  2. WOW! your solution works right away. :) Thank you very much. This helped me a lot and I can work further. Only wondering about, why editing works on my subdomain, but not with the copy on the domain. Great and fast job, TamPham. Thank you. Best regards franzmartin
  3. Hi, I updated my BT Portfolio, because the old version created the error: when I tried to edit an BT item. The new BT Portfolio (3.1.4) I installed local and on a subdomain: everything works fine, I can edit & create new items. After I installed the complete backup of the subdomain on the domain (with akeeba) the same error appears again. So I wonder how this can come and if somebody of you got some ideas? Thank you in advance
  4. Hi, on my website I got the same error, by trying to update to 3.1.1. Present version is 3.1.0. Before that, you helped me a lot in this post: First there was an unknown column, now there is a duplicate Duplicate column name 'alias' SQL=alter table l3qcz_bt_portfolios ADD COLUMN alias VARCHAR(255) after title; Thanks in advance franzmartin
  5. That's it! Great job, thanks a lot for your support. :) Greetings franzmartin
  6. Hi, first, thanks a lot for your quick support. :) 2. We changed it to "Junge VHS", 'cause the holidays are over. 3. It's ok now. The unpublished category is needed for christmas. But my 1. issue unfortunately still exists. When I open a portfolio and save it afterwards the error comes again: <<1054 Unknown column 'media_type' in 'field list' SQL=UPDATE l3qcz_bt_portfolio_images SET media_type='image', title='vhs-kurs221.jpg', youid='', youdesc='', youembed='', ordering =0 WHERE id =589 >> Do you have any idea? Btw, your account on the page is still activated, if needed.
  7. Hi tronghm, I sent you a pm. Thanks a lot franzmartin
  8. Hi tronghm, thank you very much for your fast help, I appreciate that. 1. I used the SQL query, afterwords I cleaned the cache and I tried to save uploaded images, the error message was "Duplicate column name SQL...". After trying to save it again, I got the same error message like in the post above "Unknown column 'media_type'... " 2. It's not quite clear, what you mean with "directly", back- or frontend? The Website is You will find the related categories in the main menu -> Kurse -> "Junge VHS & Ferienprogramm". If you need admin access I will send you the data. 3. You surely meant the file path /components/com_bt_portfolio/models/portfolios.php to add the above line, which I did, but unfortunately the pictures are still visible. Thank you in advance franzmartin
  9. Hi, after upgrading to the final version, I got some issues. The most important, when I try to save uploaded images in media tab, I get a SQL error: Unknown column 'media_type' in 'field list' SQL=INSERT INTO l3qcz_bt_portfolio_images SET item_id = '227',title = 'vhs-tisch1.jpg',filename = 'aa5ce0d105ec4c393cc7defb46d6f8c6.jpeg',media_type = 'image', youid= '', youdesc= '', youembed= '',`default`=0, ordering=0 [/CODE] The next issue at least is, I use the grid list layout and the bt_photo theme. All categories linked correctly to its portfolios, except one, this is linked only to index.php and direct me back to the #home page. The last thing is, portfolios in hidden categories stills shows the images in the main category list. For the SQL issue I found some articles here in the forum but without solution. Do you know how I can fix this two problems or did I forget anything? Thanks in advance. franzmartin
  10. Hi, ok. I made a copy of one of the moduletables for this position and replaced it. The result is, it sticks together again and I have no idea how to fix it.
  11. Hi, your solution worked for me pretty well during the last few weeks. But now I made a copy of .moduletable_mail and the 2 tiles (#1 post) stick together again. Is it possible to create something like a second moduletable_mail (Welcome to BT Metro - module) at this position? Thank you in advance Martin
  12. You might be right. But I use some free license images and I want to credit by mouseover the photographer, embedded in like <a href="">Image: Name</a>. I'm looking for an effective way to insert this instead of the link sign. And I also can imagine a sort of tooltip on the picture in the article itself.
  13. Hi, mouseover a thumb in Portfolio list shows a link sign, when an URL is set (see thumb). Is there a chance to show here custom text or the whole link? Or is there any other easy solutions to set a popup like a custom tooltip or something when hovering the image in BT Portfolio? Thanks in advance Martin
  14. Hi, it might be a strange, but I need to change this field showing an event date. Displaying the created date of the item is not necessary. Is it possible inserting an individual date? I've tried some with Extra fields combined with editing the K2 item.php, but unfortunately with no results. Thank you in advance Martin