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  1. is their ANY update on these problems ? No one has replied to my problem or Nikola's. Also Chrome is now showing your forum as unsafe to visit!!
  2. Hi, The problem is the links, a slider on the front page shows this link easyblog/images-from-youtube which when opened it still sows the frontpage with the blog in it. The correct URL it should be linking to is - news/images-from-youtube Version of easy blog - 3.9.22295 and bt content slider is the latest version you have on your site. Thanks
  3. Hi Nikola, I am no expert but I would reduce your thumbnail size, currently it cannot show them all as the width dosen't allow it. I still have problems with the bt slider linking to easyblog , the above comment says it was fixed but it dosen't work with easy blog 3.XXXX and I do not want to upgrade it as I do not like the 5.XX versions Thanks
  4. Hi, I also have this problem and it is driving me nuts!! I have done everything suggested on the page but nothing makes any difference. Is there anything else I can do ? Thanks
  5. Hi Thanks for getting back to me. I do not really want to give access to my google webmaster account as I have many sites in it. Below is a screenshot link that I hope helps, if not let me know and I will add you as a user to that specific website. Many thanks again Ross
  6. Hi, I have just crawled this website and google is showing these errors- Script Blocked Image Blocked,v:21,r:1,mt:m,c:52.662789%2C1.265556,sp:0.16658x0.60150,size:438x200,relsize:0.11,token:2wx2c8yutb,src:apiv3,ts:swaev6 Image Blocked Script Blocked Do you know how I can fix this please? Many thanks
  7. Hi, I cannot seem to get the youtube option to work. I have chosen Youtube Playlist/Video link from the dropdown, entered my api key then entered the you tube url - , set remote image to yes. However the frontend just says no image selected. I have looked through the documentation and the settings look different to the ones on joomla 3 so it dosent really help me. If you have any ideas I would be most grateful, Thanks Ross
  8. do not worry I have fixed it - in style.css just altered - #cp-bg-slide img{ max-width:none!important; added - margin-top:125px; Thanks
  9. Hi, I just purchased bt background slider and have it working quite nicely. However I want the scroller to start working under the menu and not show above the menu as shown here - How would I do that ? Many thanks