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  1. Hi, problem is solved: I forgot to insert the module class suffix tab_top. Do you have any docs about module suffixes?
  2. Thank you but i did in a different way: use an img tag as title and it works.
  3. Hi, i'm using the BT Travel template and in must-col position i've a bt-tabs. The first tab is set to be a module and those module is a BT content slider (sources from K2 category). I'd like to have a default style with only one row of items. I tried every kind of setup but the result is a blank module. I see navigation buttons, bullet but nothing coming from K2 category. I tested the same module BT content slider out of bt tabs and it works. Regards MP
  4. Hi, is there a way to use icons as tab title? I'd like to use only an image to a a tab while others are text. Regards MP
  5. Solved.... In the template manager, under Position and responsive, you have to choose Default-content-left (or right) and not only default. MP
  6. Hi, I've just installed BT Travel 3.0 on joomla 3.3. On front end all the modules position are not like the demo but in a higher position (look screenshot). This prevent to see the navigation of background slideshow. Could you please give advices? Regars MP