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  1. Hello, Is there a tutorial for incorporating the Google Cloud Platform embedded map API? Does this work with the BT Google Maps Module 2.1.0? Thank you, Charles Young
  2. I don't understand fridayshoes's reply either. I have tried re-ordering the list in the marker manager - that does not seem to have an effect. Is it possible that overlap is determined by the order in which the markers were created? - Charles
  3. Hello, My question is not related to changing the size of the markers. What I would really like to know is when there is overlap of the icons, how to determine which icon will be on top (showing) and which will be on the bottom (partially covered)? Thanks for helping with this. - Charles
  4. Hello, I have two locations that are close together so that their marker icons overlap at the desired initial map scale setting. One is more important to show fully than the other. I have tried changing the order of the marker list but that makes no difference. How can I select which marker icon will be on top and which will be partially hidden? Thanks for the help (and thanks for this easy-to-use product) - Charles