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  1. Hi, I have this problem also- I tried the fix above but it changes the layout of the form - any ideas? Thanks Andy
  2. Hi, Borders sorted thanks! I would like the picture to be on the left - ithink around 200px wide would be ok, then the title and the intro text to appear inline to the right could you also remove the folder icon that appears next to the item? I have removed all the rest of the icons from the side. Email sent with the details requested. Many Thanks Andy
  3. Hi, Thanks for the help - the image I was after was the blog_listing_heading.jpg, I will play with the services module. Could you let me know if it is possible to remove the border from the items in the K2 Category view? Also can the item image be moved to the left of the text rather than above? Sorry for asking more questions! Thanks Andy
  4. Hi, Thanks I have the text central, that worked perfectly The image i would like to change is the iPad in the header of the blog: I would also like to make each of the squares in the services section into a link to a category view in our blog. I have added a link to the images we have inserted - this works but I would like to be able to click any where in the square, I guess i need to add something to the code Thanks Andy
  5. Hi, We have BT content slider within our BT Jenus Template? I have also tried adding the code to the custom css file, it is still the same? please take a look: it is the section under the heading latest, i would like to centralise the text to the picture, also move the title to above the picture. Is there a way to change the picture at the top of the K2 blog? consoles menu on our site? Is there a way to make the animated boxes under the equipment tab on our site be links to K2 categories Thanks Andy
  6. Hi, I have added the BTcontent slider in standard form rather than testimonials, I would like to know how to centralise the article name and the intro text under the image? I have added the text-align to the css file in both the module and template folders .bt-cs .bt-inner .bt-title clear: both; color: #000000; font-weight: bold; line-height:150%; display:inline-block; text-align: center; however it doesn't seem to make a difference Also, where does K2 take the page header image from? I can't seem to find this to change it? Thanks