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  1. Thank you very much! It is working perfectly now!
  2. Hello tronghm, Thank you for your quick reply. I guess that is my issue because I don't have k2 mapping in extention manager... I can't imagine how could that happen as I downloaded it few days ago... Currently I made some customizing to the extension so is there a way to install k2 mapping without installing the whole package? Right now i have the following bt extensions installed: BT AutoSubmit - Content BT AutoSubmit - Registration BT Content Slider Site BT Social Connect Administrator BT Social Connect - Login BT Social Connect - System BT Social Connect - User BT Social Connect - Widget BT Widget - Button Is there something missing which is necessary for the unproblematic working of BT Social Connect?
  3. Hello, First let me congratulate you for the outstanding extension! I think that this should be a paid extension not a free one, but the decision is yours. Currently I have some trouble with K2 compatibility. After user login/register with social site the user is created in both joomla and k2 databases, but in K2 does not update the profile picture and is not setting the default group in which I'm putting all new users. I'm using Joomla 3.2 with still not much modified Awetive template and for the use of the website functionality as comment and such I need the K2 user profiles to be correctly bridged so that users connected by SC do not wonder why their info is not filled in even after they gave permission to do so or why do they have two different profiles automatically after login. How can I bridge the user information from SC to K2? Also when I enter login redirect to the K2 profile page the website is still showing SC profile page on connect. Can you give me more guidelines what to check? Thank you again and I apologize for bothering you. Best regards, Ivan