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  1. Is there a way to hide/show slides without having to manually delete and recreate them each time? (Kind of like the publish/unpublish feature on Joomla or Wordpress.) It would be really handy if there was a way to do that.
  2. Changing the line in my php.ini file from "allow_url_fopen = On" to "allow_url_fopen = 1" did the trick (no quotes in the real file of course). Images now upload fine.
  3. Is that under the php.ini file or somewhere else? I already checked the php.ini on my server (under etc/php.ini), and it didn't have the "allow_url_open" field. It does have "allow_url_fopen" which is set to "On" (not 1). Should that be changed to an actual "1"?
  4. I just recently bought the Pro version of BT Slideshow, but have not been able to upload/add a single image. If I use the image uploader, I get the "HTTP Error" and if I use the Joomla image folder, it gives a different error ("check Ajax.php"). I've searched all over for answers, and have tried the following: 1. Set the module folder permissions to 777. 2. Install the GD Library. 3. Add that extra code to the .htaccess 4. Reinstall the plugin multiple times. Nothing has changed anything; I still get the same errors that I've been getting all along. Is there some simple fix that I've been missing? Additional info: -Running Joomla 2.5.18 -PHP 5.3.3 -BT Slideshow Pro 2.1.8