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  1. Hello, about the BT Login module, which I have installed on my site for years: the version that is installed (see attachment) is 2.6.0. I downloaded 2.6.4 and installed it. At the end of the installation procedure the message is what you can see in the screenshot. It appears that the version remains 2.6.0. What does it mean? Is there a new release planned? Thanks, Daniele
  2. None of the search forms that I have used so far offers this feature: search in the texts of the menu items. If, for example, I have an external URL menu item pointing to a pdf file stored on my website, by typing the name of this file (or what is written in the menu) item does not get results. BT Search is different?
  3. It seems that users of the site goes well the lack of redirects to the home page. If the failure of this approach is not an indication of other possible malfunctions, for now I do not intervene. thanks
  4. How do I send a private message?
  5. Thanks for the answer. I tried to see if there were any active plugins like those suggested, but have not found them. What should I look for, exactly?
  6. Hi, I have this problem: redirect the logout is OK (the page shown after logout is set in "Logout redirection page"), while the page displayed after login remains that this first login, regardless of the setting of "Login redirection page". Something wrong? thanks
  7. OK, for me the problem is solved. I opened another thread, there recommending the resolution of my problem. Thank You
  8. OK. Problem solved. Thank You
  9. The default registration form of joomla works fine (it sent the password typed). Random passwords are generated only if you fill out the form Bt Login. Not using any plugin generating random passwords.
  10. Problem: The email sent to Those Who have registered contains a different password than typed in the form. It does not happen if you filled out the form default joomla. Joomla 3.4 BT Login 2.6.1
  11. OK, the problem with the captcha is solved. I confirm the hope that in the future is inserted the functionality of acceptance of privacy. Thank You
  12. I apologize for the language (google translation). I try to explain it again: - The registration form default joomla works well, but not when it is integrated into BT Login (integrated component -> users component); the error message warns that the captha not properly configured (instead it is) - In the registration form integrated in BTLogin the captcha works - The need to resort to the registration form joomla was a consequence of the need to have the acceptance of privacy on the part of those who register, the possibility is not provided in BT Login - I solved by inserting a line in the file default.php with links to the files of privacy - This solution is not optimal, but it is better than nothing (it would be better, of course, that there was a field of acceptance of privacy in the form BTLogin). Thanks for the plugin
  13. however, the problem would be if there was a field expected for privacy in BT Login. I hope you will.
  14. In user component is set Captha-recapcha v2. The login module joomla works. You receive the error message only when the login form is integrated into BT.
  15. I solved the problem of the button to click (there was a character '). But now I have another problem: if active "integrated component -> users component" in the module parameters (last parameter), on the site, after ckic on "register", the message "The reCAPTCHA plugin must have a Site Key set in parameters. Contact a site administrator. "But the site key regolarmete are set in the parameters. What do I do? I need to activate "users component" to enter the radio button to accept the terms of using and privacy; there is the possibility to do so without triggering "users component" of joomla? Thank You