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  1. hi, this template I have several problems with the component bt portfolio The website link is this and send you to a page where I have problems 1: I can not in any way to change the title in detail the prodottto "PROJECT INFORMATION" http://lnx.vetrerialaghi.it/i-nostri-prodotti/oggettistica/ciondolo-murano'>http://lnx.vetrerialaghi.it/i-nostri-prodotti/oggettistica/ciondolo-murano 2: If I change a product key that appears if I go with the mouse on the photo "view detail" becomes a simple link This is the correct one http://lnx.vetrerialaghi.it/i-nostri-prodotti/tavoli This is bogus http://lnx.vetrerialaghi.it/i-nostri-prodotti/oggettistica Please shown me how to fix these problems? thanks
  2. Good morning, I wish you could see in the pdf icon to view items directly and not inside the wheel gear that is located in the upper right because the customers do not find it so, how can you change? thanks http://www.agenziawebtorino.org/networkitalia/viaggi/ponti/44-capodanno-in-thailandia
  3. hi there is a problem with the slideshow because I published the module on all pages if the site but continues to be visible only in homepage http://www.agenziawebtorino.org/vettoretti
  4. How to remove "designed by" and joomla ... http://www.agenziawebtorino.org/outletdellabiancheriaperlacasa/