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  1. It will be good if you enter this syntax in the projects and in the forum unicode-table.com
  2. Would you like a great idea? Ich have a skript and many new idees how we can too promote this branch of industry. Skript bot i can give u for free and information how that work. I want to cooperate with you please contakt me per email and then i can give my Skype. Thanks for using your Themplates and Perfekte Inovation. I have 7 people if you want we can in the future to move together. 1.one is coder - Place Russia, 2.one is advertiser and designer - Place Astana, 3.one 16 year old can good scripts and bot he now how its work, 4.one owner of a small factory for the production of caps and can do any label or design . Suits small children for free - Kazachstan, 5. i am comunicate and know from anywhere on the basic skills and from 13 years in the computer and network., incomplete education Cars repair and dealership - Gemany Baunatal, 6.one is have a MusicBand can network and programming his last work i attached, hear ololo.fm/sear...us (demo ver 2) 7.one Analyst counter strike - Ukraine 8.one is Sys Admin *(but i dont now if he have a time) work at time in a call support - America We are from 27 to 31 years old except one:) All of us desire to bind the future and the problem of poverty Please give us Way With Best regards