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  1. Hi pushing again, I need this asap please!! I wanna import lots of properties but it does not work!!
  2. Hi there, since updating to newest Joomla I get lots of errors around this template: Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in _/templates/bt_travel/tpls/blocks/mainbody.php on line 60 Also some errors for BT property component: Notice: Undefined property: JObject::$price_time in _/components/com_bt_property/themes/default/layout/detail/detail.phpon line 86 Can you update the template?
  3. Hi guys, have problems making the Google Maps work in the component. The map always stays gray. What can I do? Thanks Sandra
  4. Hello, how can I make the price slider work? I only get a select box, but I want to make a slider like you have it in your example! Thanks Sandra
  5. Hi Tam, I want to open a modal box with my facebook page when the website loads.. that's what I did on my page already. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi BT team! Is there any chance I can change the URLs of the search? At the moment it looks like this: I would like to have something like this: Thanks Sandra
  7. Hi Tam, thanks for your reply. I just built my own popup box and integrated facebook into it.. I used the module "Modals" and integrated some jQuery and CSS to make it looks like I want. Thanks anyways, Sandra
  8. Hi BT Team, I want to add a popup facebook box on my BT properties template.. but whatever module I try, it breaks the other code in my template. Ca you recommend me a module so I can make it work with BT properties also? Thanks Sandra