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  1. is there any reason why you delete my thread???
  2. no one help? HI Tam Pham, Please find url here:
  3. Hello BT, I purchased the extension bt content showcase v2.4.2 for template bt medical. It is ok to integrated this extension with k2 categories. But when I use mobile device to view, it's can not srolling down Please give me the solution Thank you
  4. Thanks Tam, Done.
  5. Hi BT team, Please support to customize template BT-arise-ii default contact page that look the same as BT-fashion contact page.
  6. Hi Tam, I will send my index by late today. thanks
  7. Hi Tam, It's still under developing process. So I can't give you the actual URL.
  8. I did change this by removing the <div> so It work as I expected. But I wonder why it do not automatic disable or hidden the position when I un-publish the module, for example here are pricing and feature module ?
  9. at first. I installed mod. bg slideshow into my joomla so it didn't show the code in edit picture. But the problem solved after I installed quick-start package. Thanks. Ticket closed
  10. attached file
  11. Hi Bowtheme team, I installed quickstart package. After un-publish module pricing and features. and the issues come here. It exist the gap as you can see in my attached file. Please help. Urgent
  12. I cant nav the title, desc, link information in this module. I run this on my localhost. I made some change in css , it work ok in laptop but it wont work for mobile devices. Pls advice
  13. Hi BT support, pls, help me on how to nav the title, link, desc of image in the center. I made changed in css. It was ok but not ok for mobile device. Pls help
  14. Hi Rosy, Issue fixed. I replaced original index.php to the current so it works now. Thanks