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  1. Hello I'm not use captcha, why the image is still created ? in /modules/mod_bt_login/captcha_images/NzE0amhwdjA4aWgzcmc0dWszajZiNG9lMjcxNDIwNDkxMzc5.png
  2. Thank you for support. You fix problem with login. But, with Register button i have problem, when use "Integrated component - Users Component" http://xn--e1aybc.xn--80aaahokyc2c.xn--80asehdb/bbb/bbb-a On this page i publish standart login form. And i not see error with login or register. I think the problem is not in the JReviews Component
  3. no, problem is not solved. this problem when "Integrated component" is "Users component." i send you admin login and password. you can check it.
  4. after login or logout url redirected to like picture. this is error, and page not exist. 1 - this is $live_site form joomla config.php . it is site URL not in punycode. 2 - this site url in the punycode.
  5. i send in private messages login and password try to login from this page http://xn--e1aybc.xn...sehdb/bbb/bbb-a. problem when login and when logout. from root page (http://xn--e1aybc.xn...2c.xn--80asehdb) is all ok
  6. Integrated component - None This problem only with bt login, with standart joomla registration & login no problem. I really like the bt_login but because of this error I can't use. I would be very grateful if you tell me how to fix this error
  7. In configuration file Jomla have $live_site paramentr. my domain is cyrilic, and if i enter in this filed domain name not in punycode, in module bt login on all pages except the main one, after registration this parameter to the address of the redirection link. example: $live_site="abc.domain" url is "abc.domainhttp://abc.domain/menu/submenu"
  8. hello when i click on "registration" from page page, page redirected to, and i have error "page not forund" example how to fix it ?