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  1. Sure I'll wait, I hope your developers fix this bug, because it's really serious!
  2. No one use multilanguage site here? It's important! Because in backend I can't select witch language set to an article and I must set "all languages" for all articles. Otherwise if someone click in the link shared via facebook or twitter the article is not found!!!
  3. Hello, I've a site in multilanguages where you can switch from italian to english 1) Italian is the default Language 2) English is the second language When I publish a new article I can select the language for the article (english or italian) If I publish an article in English the BT social connect Skip the suffix /en/ of the url of the site and publish the link like if the article was submit in italian language. The problem is that clicking in the link the url is wrong and don't find the article. example My article url: Url Submitted by BT Social Connect: Like you see is withouth /en/ after the domain name How I can fix it?
  4. Me... again.. I'm going litterally crazy! I've set Facebook and twitter perfectly, and it's working like a charm... But Google+ it's going me into the hell! This is my Google+ Page: I've my CLIENT ID I've my CLIENT SECRET in REDIRECT URIS I've set:'>'>'>'>'> in Javascript ORIGIN I've set:'> in BT SOCIALCONNECT CONFIGURATION I've insert the "CLIENT ID" the "CLIENT SECRETS" and Registration Flow is "AUTOMATIC" in Google+ Channel email: pass: I've put my password Google+ ID page: 103030936959932702363 It always tell me: Error - Authorization Error I've received email form google that maybe someone have try to access to my account and I see that was my host server. I'm going litteraly crazy... Any help would be appreciated! BadCluster
  5. I've Found the solution! Set "Yes" in "Option" -> "CronJob" -> "Enabling CronJob" I see the articles in "Pending" now, and I can Submit to the Social Network Thank you for your support :D
  6. I've send you all by PM :) Thank you so much!
  7. Hello, I've installed BT Social Connect. It's fantastic component but maybe there is a bug. I connect Facebook and Twitter with my website If I write an article like administrator (in backend) it's work perfectly! The problem is when a user send me an article using frontend. 1) I go in backend for approval 2) I approve the article 3) BT Social Connect not post in the Social Network! Also I don't see the article in the "Latest Submit" It's a bug? Thank you so much and have a nice day! PS: sorry my horrible english