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  1. Hi, After some help and tips from Trong, I checked these topics of VM forum http://forum.virtuem...?topic=118641.0 http://forum.virtuem...?topic=118455.0 In Joomla 3.3.6 upgraded from VM2.9.9.4 to and (fingers crossed) everything seems to work fine now :) Thank you very much for the fast replies and help!
  2. Hi, Thanks for the answer. I have checked it. The languages were already installed and database is like your screenshot... I hope this helps?
  3. Hi, The other languages are German, French, Flemish, Dutch and Danish. (I also use the languages German, French, Dutch and Danish on www.swann.eu and there it works fine?)
  4. Hi, I've installed the BT product slider already on 2 multilanguage websites, on one site it works really great :) , but on the site www.aswequine.com (is J.3.3.6 + VM there is only a slide show in the English language, not for the other languages. For other languages the module just shows "No Result..." :unsure: I've set the module to "All languages" and module assignment "On all pages" + I've also tried to make a second module assigned to only one language, but it didn't work, so deleted it again. What else can be done to make the slideshow display on all languages? Kind regards, Jurgen
  5. Hi, While randomly browsing I found an answer in a template topic: [sOLVED] BT PRODUCT SLIDER NOT SHOWING PRICE I am changing the anonymous price setting etc. I think it will work now. Jurgen
  6. Hi, I have bought membership for the extensions and installed the product slider :) It works fine in default layout, just one problem: in the slider module, on some pages the product prices are visible and on some pages they are not. F.ex on http://swann.eu/index.php/en or http://swann.eu/index.php/en/faq the prices are not visible, but on http://swann.eu/inde...strian-products prices are visible and sometimes (seems random?) of one product the salesprice is visible, but not the discount, while at the same time of the two other products both salesprice and discount are visible. The module is set to show price "yes". I like to have both salesprice and discount visible all the time, so customers see there is a discount on it. What can I do to have the prices visible? (by the way, the text on the button "add cart" does not translate when you shift to another language, like on the standard virtuemart product detail pages, but that is not a big problem) Kind regards, Jurgen