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  1. Guys, is it really that hard to do? why purchasing a template I can't install it in my language? Technical support zero!!! When you fix the error in your files bt_shopping_quickstart_j!3.8.x_v3.1?
  2. sombody can help me?
  3. Good day! Question on installation of the template BT Shopping: when I install the template bt_shopping_quickstart_j!3.8.x_3.1 and joomla asks me to mark the required language, instead of language packs a list of template plugins appears. The template is installed only in English. I set the Russian language in the control panel and website displays error 1054. Please make the necessary changes to quickstart.
  4. Hi! I had a problem with the displacement of the modules when viewing the catalog - it had been removed, but there was another. Now, when you navigate to any page from the main menu (except the home page), the following happens: 1. the main menu list is displayed below the module footer 2. a registration form is displayed for the main field 3. stretch button login and registration, and do not work 4. shifting the search button Please help me to fix it. Here is a photo of how it looks:
  5. Hello, Tam! thanks for the help! the modules are not displaced. The question arose: earlier in the catalog we show 3 categories in a row and sub-categories 4 in a row, and now everywhere 3. Please tell me how this can be changed? it's somewhere in the template or joomshopping?
  6. Hello, Tam! there is some progress on the solution to my problem? it became clear, why move modules?
  7. the site is still being developed on the local computer and does not yet have url that's the way it looks:
  8. Hi, there is a problem with the display modules when switching in the catalog of the goods: the modules in positions "slidebar-1" and "position-5" shifted to the right in the field "content-mass-top", and a module in the position "footer-5" remains within its borders, but also shifts to the right. This occurs during the transition from a catalog of goods to category goods we have 2-3 sub-categories, it looks like this: catalog - tableware - kitchen inventory - knives - knives for carving in the sub-categories highlighted in red is offset the modules Please tell me how I can fix it?
  9. Tam, thank you, problem solved
  10. Thanks for the tip, but after the performed operations have been question marks instead of text, how to fix it?
  11. Hello! I also have the problem. In the case of removing module "shop cart" is not translated into Russian the word "product". How can I fix it?
  12. in Global Configuration set Error Reporting was set to "System Default" set to "None" and the module is displayed correctly, but does not work: can not find the goods (writes Nothing found) and when the search enters a query such as the pan in the search results, writes, "did You mean that?" it turns out that the search does not understand what to look for
  13. Hello! after install the template BT Shopping to my local computer the error occurred in module "Search goods" (photo in the attached file) Please tell me how to fix it?