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  1. This is the center thing that Im saying. At least try to fix this, because is not showing it properly!
  2. Tam, I already sent them on the first post :)
  3. Same thing here. Trying to change the background color and coudn't do it. I tried the solution proposed by troy and doesn't work for me. I also edited the classes bg-logo, logo and logo-image and nothing happens. I also tried to use !important and nothing. I use the latest version of Joomla and BT Travel.
  4. At least try to fix the template as it is to get the jomsocial profile centered because with the new jomsocial layout is not displayed properly!
  5. Lets say I don't want BT Slideshows to handle my background, I just want one image as a background, what file I need to edit and what line? I don't want bt slideshow to handle that image because it's slow! Thanks!
  6. Are you planning any update for the next version to support the original design of bt travl in jomsocial?
  7. It ca't be configured to show it as in the live demo? There's no new version of the template to show it like that with the new JomSocial?
  8. I see the JomSocial profile nothing like the live demo. In my website, I see the cover and another information displayed. Here I put the desire look and my actual look. What I'm doing wrong? I don't want the cover and I want the information displayed in the sidebar! Live demo: My site: