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  1. Hi; I'm using your extension and love it, recently I have a problem to change setting and save it. Unfortunately it get locked and when I unlock and change it, after I click save button, it push me back and module get locked and none of changes applied. My joomla version is 3.6.5 Please advise. Regards Tanya
  2. Hi: I would like to customize wording in default email that users receive after registration form. Could you please guide me how to change it. Thanks
  3. Hi: I would like to change email verification for my new registered users. Could you please let me know where I can change it? Thanks
  4. [solved] Many Thanks , I searched a lot in your forum ,but I couldn't find it. Many Thanks
  5. HI: I have a "Sign up " text in my article that should be link to register popup on the same page, so when people click on "Signup" , it popups
  6. Hi: I would like to link a "sign up" text in my article to BT login popup module. Could you please guide me how to do that? Thanks Tanya