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  1. Hi, love the plugin, thank you! I'm running into an issure with sharing on FB. When I click share, everything looks great in the preview. Article Title, picture, text, everything is there. But when I hit share and it actually publishes to FB, the article's category is shown on FB, not the article title... I'd love to be able to use BT Social Share on these pages... but I don't know how to incorporate the plugin in the PHP... any suggestions? IF not, I understand, but would love to know how to fix the Category / Article title thing. Thanks!
  2. I'm using bt social share on the pages... and for example, on my sites FB page... I've shared most of those articles using BT social share... and everything looks fine when I go to share it (in preview view), but when I post it, it changes to the category name.
  3. Hi, I've installed BT Social Connect. Thank you, I couldn't get another service to even get close to working. But I've installed the components, the plugins and the modules. I get the like boxes on my K2 Articles... And I can login... but I'm not really sure if I'm logging in correctly. I can't tell... it doesn't let me see if I've typed in admin. It's a yellow box. I'm assuming it's remembering my password... because I login by hitting the button. But it got me thinking what other people may be seeing... How can I change the login message? Why does only the F show in my facebook image? When you login it takes you to your profile page. Does this system tie the profiles of joomla, k2 and jomsocial together? The profile page seems odd... nothing really lines up... Can I get some help fixing this?