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  1. Thanks Tam, it was just a mistake as i'd installed a template with demo files that was property based. When posting in the forum i only noticed the Real Estate link in the forum as property was way down the link so i thought it was it i was using. Here is the code where you said to look. How do i cancel the if statement as you suggested? <?php $menuItem = $menu->getActive(); if ($menu->getActive() != $menu->getDefault($lang->getTag())) : ?> <div class="page-heading"> <div class="container"> <div class="pageheading-title"> <?php if($menuItem ){ $page_heading = ($menuItem->params->get('page_heading')) ? $menuItem->params->get('page_heading') : $menuItem->title; echo $page_heading; }else echo $doc->getTitle(); ?> </div> <?php if($menuItem && $menuItem->note != null) : ?> <div class="pageheading-desc"> <?php echo $menuItem->note; ?> </div> <?php endif; ?> </div> </div> <?php endif; ?> As i'm not from a php coding background, thanks.
  2. Sorry this should have been in the BT Property Template forum, i got the 2 confused. I have searched the template folder and couldn't see a similar file. Could you please point me in the right direction for this template, thanks... Will
  3. Hi, the various pages i have for the site content all appear to have a page title on them apart from the home page. At looking at the source it has a class of "page-heading" and falls between the navigation and the page content divs. I can't find where this is enabled from or how i can get it also to display on the home page. The title appears on a div which has a faded mountain image in the background, thanks...
  4. Hi, found it at last after some more digging - eb.GB.tpl_bt_property.ini file in the languages folder for anyone else having this problem too.
  5. Hi, I'm currently using the Real Estate theme and component for a site and installed it with the complete package. I'm strugging where to edit the title of the entries on the Contact page. The menu link links to the individual contact, where i have updated the details though in the frontend the home icon appears with the title "FREXY STUDIO" beside it and the home page has "PORTFOLIO HOMEPAGE" beside it. I've attached a screenshot of the titles i'm having the issue with, thanks... Will
  6. Hi, I've just purchased the template membership and have downloaded the property template and extensions but there doesn't seem to be any of the psd files included for this template as it mentions in the template description, thanks...