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  1. When submitting the second form I get the following after pressing the SUBMIT button on a white page {"success":false,"messages":"[\"Invalid Token\"]","bttoken":"9f705d71907fa578f1350a04887adb07"}
  2. Also getting the following on the second popup form var label = BTQC(element.form).find("label[for= + + ]"); Syntax error, unrecognized expression: label[for=] The popups are not on the same page
  3. Each time I click the button this is displayed in the debugger window function btqcModal(moduleID, btqcObj){ if(btqcObj.modal != null) btqcObj.modal.close(); ***** Object doesn't support property or method 'close' ******* btqcObj.modal = BTQC(moduleID).modal({ zIndex: 200, overlayClose: true,
  4. This is my first time to use the BT Quick Contact and I have problems. When I fill out a form and click the submit button the form shows INVALID TOKEN in the red area and the form data is not sent. If I immediately press the submit button a second time the email is sent correctly. Do you have any ideas where to start One of the popups is the "Get a Quote" button