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  1. Never Mind I had to change the gzip in the config file from 1 to 0. It is working now.
  2. I just tried updating the BT Shortcode module on my joomla website now I get an error ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED and cannot login to my administration page.
  3. The only place this code for the fixed menu is not working is on the tablet. If you turn the tablet up and down where the menu drops down it causes the content on the page to stay under the menu and not move down.Is there another pieace of code that i need to fix this issue?
  4. Sorry, I did not see the post already that was posted to make the menu fixed. I followed this and now it is working.
  5. I understand about the home menu item and not removing it, I guess I didn't really think about it. I really just didn't want the home menu item title to display on the front page so I have more room on the menu, but I figured something else out for menu. I tried tweaking the menu to get it to stay fixed, and it worked, but when I went to view it on a mobile device nothing lined up. Kien Nguyen is it possible to do this with this template?
  6. Is there way to make the mega menu static, so when the user scrolls down the menu always displays for them? Also, is there away to remove the home button menu item, so the user can use the logo for users to go home?