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  1. sorry i closed down the extension. Lot of my site modules didn't work with the upgrade version of this extension.
  2. Hi, Plz check the header
  3. Solved it! youtube api was messed up! Still one problem The video don't play auto? Auto button is on! Thx, Stef
  4. Hi, Got a problem. I wanted to use a new youtube video for my website. But it will not load in the backed. I use: But give a failed load? (the dots are in place off) It worked before so any idea? Best regards, Stef
  5. Ok, i understand now! Thx for your time!
  6. No i only checked it on my imac! Did you checked the iphone-ipad to? Thx, Stef
  7. Only on Ipad, Iphone and firefox desktop the youtube autostart won't work! Every other device it's working excellent. Thx for your time! Stef
  8. Sorry my bad! My youtube background wil not start auto on "desktop firefox" and iOS devices. So is there a solution for this? Because the slider is awesome! Best regards, Stef
  9. Hi There, love your module but got a problem! The image slide function is working excellent! The youtube function is not working on ipad and firefox server! On android, Chrome and safari it's working great! Plz can you help? Best regards, Stef
  10. Hi there, I got this problem also! If the ipad (iOS) is not working i can't use this. Plz help! Best regards, Stef
  11. Ok, thanks for your time! I'll have to wait and see. Best regards, Stef
  12. You can see in the pic the like box bottom is not visible. Because you can't see the like button, maybe you can give a code that the button popup upwards instead of downwards, like the google box? Then the problem is solved Thanks for your time again :)))) Stef
  13. What can i say, magic is happening here!
  14. hmmm that is awkward! I do see it. I didn't change anything. It's there for sure