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  1. Hello, Can i load a module into a extra field. I want to buy your picture gallery module and want it to place it in a extra field off the BT property component. Is this possible? Kind regards, Robert
  2. Hello, Thanks for this great extension, i am impressed of the functionality and style! For me there is one thing i don't like, the photo album. It is to big and especially for long pictures it is not nice on any page. You can see it on the link below http://www.letsgo2cr...a-daria-croatia So it is possible to change that album with another one. For example you media gallery??? So as you can see i create extra fields for properties with more apartments. It would be great when i can use the original photo album for just one or some main picture(s) at the top. And use your media gallery or even better your picture gallery module (or some other gallery) in the extra fields. When you have a solution for normally (smaller) showing the long pictures in the original album it is also OK. I am willing to pay for a good solution. Thanks, Robert
  3. So as you can see in the title it is not the fastest support on the web. We work with more suppliers off templates, components and modules and the most of them are way faster in their support. The support is really good! In my opinion they have the knowledge and reply with clear and useful answers. For shore i will buy from them in the future. Kind regards an happy new year, Robert
  4. Problem solved! I was totally focused on the component settings :wacko: Thanks for the support :)
  5. Hello tronghm, Thanks for your reply. Yes, everything is on grid listing. I am wonder what to do now. Kind regards, Robert
  6. Hello, I try everything but my listings will not show in grid listing. How can I change it to grid listing like at the demo page? Kind regards, Robert