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  1. The home page takes too long to load and then return an error "www.jamaproperties.co.ke is not responding due to long running script"
  2. www.jamaproperties.co.ke
  3. www.jamapoperties.co.ke check what have! Sergio - share yours please
  4. I am within 7 days MONEYBACK period, if I can’t get support, I just drop the product!
  5. I have search problems, where is the solution to this post?
  6. I have created For Rent and or Sale status an correctly attached them t my properties. The problems are as below: 1. The properties are having wrong status tags (non is marked For Rent) 2. We have others showing codes instead of For Sale 3. The properties are being grouped wrongly on front page (home)
  7. I have populated the location tabs but creating new properties the city and district drop owns are empty I am therefore unable to allocate property beyond country. How do fix this problem?