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  1. Hi, I've just bought the extension but when I want to administrate the module after a correct installation I have this error : Erreur: 1146 Table 'mydatabase.ywuq2_jshopping_product_labels' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT `id`, `name_fr-FR` as name FROM ywuq2_jshopping_product_labels And impossible to save the changes. (no save button) Joomla 3 version : Joomla! 3.3.6 Stable Virtuemart 3 version : 3.0.2 PHP : 5.5.12 MySql : 5.6.17 (on Wamp Server) Thanks !
  2. Trying to install it on a Joomla 2.5 with PHP 5.3 but same problem. It seems that there is no SQL file in the package and the extension needs one after the installation. Could you please help me? I really need this extension to work. (And paid for this...) Thanks,