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  1. Hi dear Tronghm it works very good,thank you so much. can you tell me how i can add links to the images? thanks
  2. Hi thank you for your answer but i cant find "direction:"in style.css. thanks
  3. Hi i active module please see again thanks
  4. dear Tronghm i sent the page link in your private messege inbox. thanks
  5. HI I sent you in private messege thanks
  6. dear sir/madam i install bt sample slideshow , all things are good but it dosent show images and show white place instead images. i have joomal 3.2 with jm plus template. thanks
  7. Hi With bt arise template i installed ads manager component but when i want open all menus of this component it show me this error: : fatal error:cannot redeclare class jview in/home/....../public_html/plugins/system/jat3/jat3/core/joomla/view.php on line 711 i think jat3 framework has problem with ads manager component in bt arise template. please help me thank you Akbari
  8. dear friends i installed ads manager componenet with bt arise template but it dosnt work ,it show a empty page when i open the ads manager menus. .when i change the template it work well. thank you