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  1. Hi trongh ! Thank you so much, now it's working with your code. :) Flo
  2. Hi tronghm ! thank you for your fast replie :) I already order my articles in FlexiContent component in this way : (for exeample) Article ID | Ordering (in FlexiContent) 186 0 52 1 218 2 84 3 Then in Bt Content Slider I used Article Id option with 186,52,218,84 ..... I choosed sort by Ordering ASC option But it still not working, The articles are sort by ID ASC like 218,186,84,52 ... Is it cause of FlexiContent ? it begin by 0 and i cant replace 0 by any number ... Florent PS : [There is a traduction error in Bt Content slider, Ordering is not "Commande" in french in this case but "Ordonner"]
  3. Hi everyone ! :) I have a request to make. Is it possible in the future release for the BT CONTENT SLIDER MODULE, in the Content settings to make more sorted articles option ? Maybe the thing that i want to do is already possible but i don't know how to do it, I want to sort articles in the order i called them. For example : I use articles_ids option with the articles (id) 1,7,94,2,65 ... And I want articles to be sort in the same way. How can i do that ? Thanks Florent