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  1. I was having problems with the default search giving a 500 server error so I decided to install this module to replace the default search. The installation went well according to the admin part of the cms. When I try to do searches it always returns no results. I assumed this was because I had not used the indexer. So I tried indexing in both the component and module section. Neither works and in both sections they load the lightbox but the progress bar never populates because of a javascript error. The js error is on line 11 of the indexer.js file. for reference: the console gives off this classic generic error: Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a functionindexer.js:11 This is the line that is having the issue this.pb = new Fx.ProgressBar(document.id('finder-progress-container')); The theme is a custom one and we are using virtuemart which I have read can cause issues with almost everything. I am at the point where I am throwing my hands up and admitting that I don't know enough about Joomla to go any further.