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  1. Hello! I do not remember that the component has been such a file. You can make yourself a file, for example print.css. All the elements of the page, you do not want to display, set the property display: none ;. Only then the necessary information will appear on the print page.
  2. Hello Fabio! I had the same problem as you. I used information from this post and it helped me. (Please find this line ."&display=popup&scope=email,user_birthday,user_location,email,user_website,user_photos,user_hometown,user_about_me,publish_stream,offline_access"; in file components\com_bt_socialconnect\controllers\socialconnect.php Remove publish_stream and offline_access. And do the same work with these file The Files we need to edit are: - administrator\components\com_bt_socialconnect\publishes\ ----- facebookgroup\elements\fbconnect.php ----- facebookpage\elements\fbconnect.php ----- facebookprofile\elements\fbconnect.php administrator\components\com_bt_socialconnect\widgets\ ----- login_button\login_button.php)
  3. Hello Fabio! Please see this topic. Here is the answer to your question.
  4. I'm sorry, I just do not understand you. Here is the solution: 1. set the plug-in configuration as you wish. 2. Open the tab "Description" and copy the code: 3. if you use a template BT Property, then open the file: tamplates/bt_property/html/com_bt_property/default/layout/detail/detail.php you can insert the plug-in code in any place. You can put after the full description of the property: 4. paste the code plug, just put him in the tags <div> </ div> The result if you use a different template, then open the file: components/com_bt_property/themes/default/layout/detail/detail.php find a place and paste the code plug here, and turned him aside conclude tags <div> </ div>
  5. Hi afshin! language component files front-end: /language/en-GB.com_bt_property.ini /language/en-GB.mod_bt_property_filter.ini /language/en-GB.mod_bt_property_map.ini back-end: /administrator/language/en-GB.com_bt_property.ini /administrator/language/en-GB.com_bt_property.sys.ini
  6. Hello my friend! Is it possible to modify the component to enter the site using other social networking accounts?
  7. TrongHM Hello! I can not use the call function by class or id pop-up login box on the site. How can I do that? I try to do so: <a class="login" href="#">login</a> [/CODE] The module settings I do so: But no result. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!
  8. На этот вопрос не отвечу. Я не сталкивался с такой проблемой, но на форуме есть ответы. Посмотрите внимательнее. Пользуйтесь Гугл переводчик. И Ваши вопросы лучше задавать в созданной Вами новой теме. Перевод на русский есть в этой теме. (On this question I will not answer. I have not encountered such a problem, but the forum has the answers. Take a closer look. Use the Google translator. And your question is better to ask you created the new theme. Translation into Russian is in this topic.)
  9. Если я не ошибаюсь, то иконки можно устанавливать самостоятельно в настройке каждого дополнительного поля (If I'm not mistaken, the icons can be set independently configure each extra field):
  10. Здесь проблема в CSS. Если удалить "авто" ширину здесь (Here is the problem in CSS. If you remove width "auto" here): (/templates/noo_realty/local/css/template.css строка 594 и 597) и здесь (and here): (/templates/noo_realty/local/css/bootstrap.css 1653 и 1656) то поля фильтров приходят в норму, однако поля дополнительных фильтров растягиваются по всей ширине. Здесь конфликт кода CSS и я не могу сразу найти решение, надо пробовать различные варианты... (the filter fields come back to normal, but the field of additional filters are stretched across the entire width. Here the conflict CSS code and I can not immediately find a solution, you have to try different options ...)
  11. Hello, dear friend! I do not know how to solve the problem with Linkedin connections. Other options are working properly. Here's a demo video: Here is what he wrote: /?error=invalid_scope&error_description=Your+application+has+not+been+authorized+for+the+scope+"r_fullprofile" Here are my settings: Please see maybe you have some ideas. THANK YOU!!!