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  1. I have just installed a template that came with maps v2.04, I think... more on that in a sec The map was working, but wasn't able to locate a complete address. I replaced the API key (didn't copy the initial key) with my own and the map no longer displays anything. I then decided to upgrade to the latest, 2.1.1 but, it has not changed the status. I then uninstalled the existing version and reinstalled with ver 2.1.1 and the issue remains. How can I resolve this issue? TIA!
  2. I was initially using version 2.1.0 and could only add 10 markers to the map. I sent an email to bowtheme support and was told that a newer version 2.1.1 would resolve the issue. It didn't and also broke the control to "show info on on load". The first response was timely but, I have yet to hear back on the secondary issue.