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  1. Hi there, For anyone who might want to use the Route feature (that allows you to get directions from A to B), you might find this modification useful. The normal routing feature only allows you to find routes from any point A to a point B which you have defined in the Maps Pro Component. We thought it would be useful if you could route to a point B that was either a pre-set location or any location you type in. Therefore we added a "combo" box to the Route finder, so you can select a pre-set point and type in any location. The modification is pretty straightforward, but bear in mind that if you update the component you'll need to re-apply this fix, or maybe BT could introduce it in an update? Edit /modules/mod_bt_googlemap_pro/helper.php Find this code around line 106: $html[] = '<select class="end inputbox">'; $html[] = '<option value="">' . JText::_('COM_BT_GOOGLEMAPS_PRO_SELECT_PLACE') . '</option>'; foreach ($places as $place) { $html[] = '<option value="' . $place->address . '">' . $place->title . '</option>'; } $html[] = '</select><br/>'; and replace with: $html[]= '<input type=text list=end class="end inputbox"><datalist id=end >'; foreach ($places as $place) { $html[] = '<option>' . $place->title . '</option>'; } $html[]= '</datalist>'; Hope you find that useful. Jeremy.
  2. Hi! How can we sort the translation out? As Roland said only some of the sentences can be translated. We translated all the language files from the component we found: /administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_bt_google_maps_pro.ini /administrator/components/com_bt_googlemaps_pro/language/en-GB.com_bt_google_maps_pro.ini /language/en-GB/en-GB.com_bt_google_maps_pro.ini /components/com_bt_googlemaps_pro/language/en-GB.com_bt_google_maps_pro.ini And the problem is still there. Not all the sentences get translated. Does anyone know why? Many thanks!
  3. Joomla 3.4.8 BT Maps Module 2.0.12 Hi there, I would like to add a scalable marker to a map, so when the user zooms, the marker zooms too. The reason for this is that it would be a dotted line joining two places on the map. Is this possible? Thanks in anticipation, Jeremy.
  4. Well, it's solved as in the lightbox now works, but we had to hack your code to do it. Wondering if there is an override that we can use or if you can think of a better way to solve the problem. The issue is for whatever reason (probably a server issue) getfilesize() doesn't like a URL, but will work with a local file e.g. /home/sites/something/ Regards, Jeremy.
  5. Hi there, In our gallery, the image lightbox was not showing up, only when you tried to open local images. Hosted video was fine. There was an error being generated "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token" We traced this to the image width not being set correctly. This was due to the getfilesize() command failing to get the file size. We fixed this by changing getfilesize() from checking a URL to checking a local file. This should also have performance benefits. Change around line 66 in /components/com_bt_media/themes/default/layout/popup.php <?php list($img_w, $img_h) = getimagesize(JURI::root() . $this->params->get('file_save', 'images/bt_media') . '/images/large/' . $this->item->image_path); ?> to <?php list($img_w, $img_h) = getimagesize("/your/local/path/to/public_html/" . $this->params->get('file_save', 'images/bt_media') . '/images/large/' . $this->item->image_path); ?> You can find out what "/your/local/path/to/public_html/" for your server by checking _SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] in phpinfo(). I hope this helps some one else who has had this problem! One question - can I make this an override file? Or can you build checking the local file into a future version? Regards, Jeremy.