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  1. Hi there, on my page miete-meine-drohne.de I have a problem with the BT Property Map. In the first zoom of the map, you see for example 9 entries near Hamburg, you zoom in, and then there are only 6 entries. When you zoom further, then they are not showing anymore. Any know issues like that? Kind regards. Patrick
  2. Hi there, I paid 59$ to get, like you name it "express-support". I have 7 submitted tickets any no one is answered or only partially without a correct solution for my specific problem. Please give me a reply!
  3. Hi, how can I limit the property submit for different agentgroups? I put in limit 1 for a special group, there is no other group assigned to this agent but I can still add more properties. I use the newest version of BT Property. Kind regards.
  4. Hi does anybody have a solution for this, I also translated all files but nothing changed. Override won't find in the backend the words "day" "month" and so on. Please help