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  1. a very great thanks to the dev ! what kind of API should we create ? I did it and insert it, it works, but i have this message : Geocode was not successful for the following reason: REQUEST_DENIED! Map address: 25 Avenue Valentin Brocard 54610 Nomeny
  2. thanks for the answer, Brian. DOes it mean that BT maps won't work with this domain , or that I must hack something. I went into google to process an API , but i do not know if i had made the good choices, and do not see a place to input it in the module
  3. hello, on a test site the module works well : as i have moved it to : it does not work. what should be the problem ? my host ? php version ? bt module ? google api ? thanks
  4. hello, on one site (helix3) i try to make shrtcodes displaid it works well i have problems with shortcodes ( and perharps " ) could someone have a look ?
  5. for html : i did not success in input it instead of text. for example, i tried to have images in data field and it does not work. i have another problem with accents in french, if i add words with é (for example) it breaks everything. to make it working well i have to switch in the code editor
  6. hi, i added in code : image="images/deplacer/tripup_egg.jpg" wich was the path to my image. i found it after a try in 2.5, wich allowsme to have the good behaviour (add an image from the shortcode generator) and showed me the right code.
  7. ok, i can now add the image (coding) is there a possibility to have an image in data filed ? can we act with html ? (bold, italic, /br ?)
  8. ok , i got it i have to signal some bugs in j3 : insert an image does not work at all, so i had to try on a 2.5 site so have the right code. i have done some tests on several sites sometimes the button does not display, because of others button (as nonumber buttons)
  9. hello, i am new with SC plugin, i just wanted tu use pricing tables and i saw we can add an image, but when i want to add one it does not work at all. is this normal ? where can i found the code working without the editor plugin? thanks