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  1. Thank you very much, in your .block_left{float: left; width: 30%;margin-right: 20px;} [/code] I've increased the width up to 50% and I've moved the AD sense under the title, now I think it works good. But now I would like to change the "itemHeader" and all the block that contains the content information (author, category, hits) and the year as a part of the date. Here you can see two examples: http://www.feudalesi...o-piange-sangue http://www.feudalesi...ll-homo-giammai I would like to build a small box under the image, but I do not understand very well how it is organized the css. Here two fake screenshots: and Thanks in advance for the great help Matteo
  2. Done! The operation will be reversible? Let me know how you did it :) Thx
  3. I sent you the password with a PM :)
  4. Hi!! he doesn't works :-( Google + give me the same error and facebook a new error: But my facebook app i think is ok whit the URL...
  5. Links to the image:
  6. Hello guys, In my website we have two main formats for pictures of the k2 articles, as you can see on the home page: one vertical (no-featured); one horizontal (featured). I'm trying to improve the article view, currently It looks like this: Online see For the "featured item" (vertical image) the displaying is ok (online see), but for other view we would something like that: Is possible to make this improvement for the featured articles? Thx
  7. Hello! I come back with a new problem :unsure: The BT social connect component don't works. When I tryed to use it, I get these errors: FACEBOOK GOOGLE My facebook and google apps work properly with similar components (JFB conect) like BT social connect. You could see it in my website: Thanks!
  8. Thank you very much!!!!! :D :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  9. Sure!! The website is online but in "testing mode", I still need to finish it :) If you need admin password or ftp access let me know, i give you the access via PM
  10. Hi to everybody, is possible to make the mobile view responsive? I would like to have the articles divided into two columns in the desktop view and in a single column in the mobile view. Thanks for the help Matteo
  11. Yes, thank you very much :)
  12. Hi all We have some problems with the customization of the "why choose us" tab. We should get all that area more down in such a way that it doesnt overlay the slider menĂ¹ (as it in default template). We attach a screenshot about the effect needed Thanks for u support